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We Are A Complete Digital Transformation Agency That offers SEO services, PPC services, social media marketing services, web Design services, web development services and Data Science Services

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Let’s Give Your Business A Unique Brand Name. Our Branding Specialists Do Specialized Marketing Research And Help You Establish A Brand.        Creative Branding Solutions

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Web Design Services

Our web design & development team has established a number of effective services to facilitate the expansion of your business.

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Through practical and user-driven design and development, we allow businesses to expand their customer base and achieve their business goals. Great businesses, after all, are built on great customer experiences.

What We Do Best

Our expertise lies in helping you navigate the web landscape; leveraging the proper internet marketing strategy, that completely align together with your business objectives. A fast-growing Web Development, SEO & Internet Marketing Company in India; we specialise in driving online traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver results.

We are at the intersection of creativity, technology, and strategy, leveraging our expertise to Our Clients. Our Digital Marketing services include SEO, program marketing, social media marketing, responsive web design, and application development – we lookout of a brand’s entire digital presence.

Our web design & development team has established a number of effective services to facilitate the expansion of your business. Including WordPress websites and every eCommerce solutions focused on usability and responsive design, creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business, and custom programming for ideas that you simply need help bringing to fruition. Whether you’re during a need of an easy WordPress website to urge your business online, or a more complicated e-commerce website, our web development team will help bring your vision to life.

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we house a dedicated staff of creative   designers who hold over a decade of experience in Website UX/UI Designing. Websites we design at Digital Acrobat not only have the capability to set companies apart from the competition but in addition, hold the potential to seize users‘ attention at first sight.


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Website Design

Modern web design is more involved than creating a beautiful website. Consideration of user experience, program optimization, simple use, and technical details are just a couple of elements that are involved in developing an internet site that’s designed to perform in today’s competitive marketplace. Custom design and themes for Magento, BigCommerce and woocommerce

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Web And App Development

We make use of top-notch technologies and frameworks to ensure that your website Or Application is robust and responsive.
Usually, an average user has an attention span of just 6 to 8 seconds that is allegedly less than that of a goldfish, which is 9 seconds. As a web user rush through numbers of pages, the user only read a quarter of the text on the pages user comes across. So your website has a lot of appealing work to do in a shorter span of time.

Ecommerce development
E-Commerce Development
  • Magento development
  • Responsive e-commerce websites
    Big Commerce development
  • Big Commerce development
  • E-commerce security
  • woocommerce development
  • E-commerce speed optimization
    E-commerce branding
  • E-commerce branding
  • Heavy loaded e-commerce Development
  • E-commerce project maintenance
  • Ensuring a proper long-term project evolution

Mobile App Development For Ecommerce

With Mobile app development for eCommerce, We have complete control over the user experience provided. A well-designed app can deliver a completely transformed user experience – simple, intuitive, and innovative. We can also make sure that the app’s visual appeal and functionality contribute to branding, marketing, and customer loyalty, ensuring brand loyalty and brand stickiness for years to come.

Digital Acrobat is a web development and mobile app development company that has an application for both the iPhone and iPad. This enables companies to create an experience that is uniquely suited to their device, with all features including maps, push notifications, reminders, and shopping lists seamlessly integrated into the application.

Mobile app development for iOS is one of the fastest-growing trends on the market today. For this reason, developers are increasingly focusing their efforts on providing great customer experiences for users using both mobile devices. The latest technology in mobile app development allows developers to use state-of-the-art development technologies to provide users with a highly customizable experience. Whether you are developing a simple, one-page app for your own use or an app for a major corporation, there are a variety of options available to you. Whether you choose a more advanced, user interface, or a simpler one, or whether you prefer a custom-made icon and color scheme, an iOS app will give you a superior experience for a more cost-effective solution.

In addition to creating an attractive user interface, the choice of app developer also plays a large role in the success of your app. Choosing a reputable company that offers mobile app design, mobile app development, and iOS app distribution can make a huge difference in the success of the app.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Ninjas

Our skilled UX designer will Skillfully build a sophisticated and spectacular solution that your end-user will love. The designer is also responsible for bringing the pages to life using the wire-frames created to mock up each page. The designer focuses on creating site concepts as well as developing templates and the graphic design for the website

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Process & Workflow.

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Web development service for startups to small-mid size business.

Project Research

We would  like to break down the research into a few steps which are directly connected to project estimates:

  1. Research for ballpark estimate (takes about 15-20 min).
  2. Research for a proper estimate (2-3h).
  3. Deep dive research (as long as it takes).

We will provide a low-fidelity visual representation of a website’s layout designWireframe represents the basic page layout structure and navigational scheme of the site’s pages, as well as major site components 


Creating design for any product, especially for a website or app is a multilayered process.

  1. Wireframing
  2. Creating Mockups
  3. Prototyping

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